Handover declaration / Warranty Certificate 


Dear distributor,

congratulations on purchasing your new machine from Güttler! You have made a good choice. 

Please complete the following declaration of operation. 

The warranty period begins from the day on which the device is handed over and all the information below has been completed.

The following details are specified on the type plate, situated at the front of the machine. The serial number can be found abouv the type plate, stamped into the frame.

Garantieschein EN

1. The machine and its components have been successfully checked for integrity.
2. The manual has been handed out to the farmer / end customer.
3. The farmer / end customer has been trained in using the machine.

Farmer’s address:
Declaration of consent to data protection:
Güttler GmbH assures that all personal data provided in the context of the processing and storage of your request will only be used for business purposes and to safeguard its own business interests. The stored data is used for needs-based offer design.
Under no circumstances will personal data be sold or passed on to third parties for advertising purposes.

*Data protection is very important to us, here you can see our privacy policy .


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